Three Things to Look for in a Local Moving Company to Avoid Amateurs

12 November 2020
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If you are planning a local move and are looking to hire a company to help you, you may be wondering how to go about finding a reliable team that will do a quality job. This is not as easy as you may think. This is because it is easy to start your own local moving company. A couple of guys will rent a truck, and just like that, they're in business. You want to avoid this type of mover. The following are a few ways you can increase the likelihood that you will select a good company.

1. Read online reviews

Although this is obvious, you need to be careful. It can be easy to game the review system on many sites, so it looks like a moving company is much better than they really are, especially with the quality of their service. For this reason, you should ignore vague four and five-star type reviews. These are glowing, full of praise, and suspicious. Likewise, ignore the low star reviews because people get angry and they are not always fair. It's the mid-range reviews that you will find the most important information. They will likely have both praise and criticism.

2. Make sure they offer several services

Even if you don't take advantage of these services, the fact that they offer them will winnow out the fly-by-night operations. Some of these services aren't very telling. For example, they may offer shipping boxes. But this is something they can buy locally, then pass on the cost to you. What you are looking for is a mover that has the equipment to move everything in your home. In addition, if they offer packing services, this is a good sign as well.

3. Make sure they have insurance

Good moving companies will have insurance included in the cost of moving. It only covers your items by the pound and will not reimburse you for the complete value of your items. For this reason, you need additional insurance, but basic coverage will not be offered by any new startup companies. So always ask about insurance. Licensing is also important but tricky. Movers within a state are subject to state licensing requirements, so you will need to research your own state's laws. If your local move crosses state lines, the mover will need to be registered with the United States Department of Transportation.

It can be stressful finding a good local mover. However, if you focus on the middle-of-the-road, online reviews, you can glean important information. Make sure the business offers a full range of services, and make sure they have insurance and the appropriate licensing. And last, keep in mind that quotes over the phone or online are only estimates. Any good local mover will want to visit your home to give you a solid price quotation.

For more information, compare and contact various local moving services.