Learn How To Move Your Business From One Location To Another Location Overnight

8 March 2017
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When you own a small retail business, the location of your business is key to its success. If you have recently found a new venue for your business, you need to move everything as quickly as you can to ensure that you are able to open your business back up as soon as you can. The guide that follows walks you through a few tips to make the move as easy as it can be.

Hire Movers to Help With the Move

The first thing you need to do is hire a moving company to help with the move. If you are trying to move your business during nonbusiness hours, you need to let the company know. There are many companies who have movers who are willing to work at night or on the weekends, but you will have to pay slightly more for the move. Let the moving company know the timeframe for the move to ensure that they know how many movers to send to your business to ensure that the job can be done in the restricted timeframe you have available.

Prepare for the Move Beforehand

You need to take the time to prepare for the move as much as you can before moving day arrives. Place masking tape on shelves to label them and then label the floors at the new business with the same labels so that the movers know where the shelves are supposed to go into the new business when they arrive. Leave everything hung that you possibly can to make packing and unpacking as smoothly as it can possibly be. Pack all inventory that is not out on display neatly into boxes when the store is not too busy so that the movers can move things quickly on moving day.

Get Permission From the City

If your business is located in a major city, you need to get permission from the city to make the move. You can get parking passes that allow the moving truck to be located in front of each business on that specific day. This will ensure that the trucks do not get ticketed or towed for parking in one area for too long. You can usually get the passes from the local Parking Authority Department.

Moving takes time and can be a hassle, but planning ahead and making arrangements as soon as you can will ensure it can be done as quickly as possible. Hiring the moving company to help will make the process go much smoother and decrease the chances of you becoming injured during the move.