Moving With A Big Family: Three Tips To Help You Survive

5 April 2017
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Many hands make light the work, right? This old adage does not always ring true when it comes to moving! If you have a large family, packing up and moving to a new home can be even more challenging than moving as a couple or with a small family. Luckily, with these three tips, you can survive the process and use your big family to your advantage through the moving process.

Keep everyone on the same page with regular updates.

With a big family, it's easy to forget who you informed of certain information, and who you did not. You might tell one teenager that their boxes need to be packed by the 17th, for instance, but forget to tell the others. To ensure everyone stays on the same page, put a marker board on your fridge or on your wall. Every time there is a moving update, write it on the board for all to see. You may also want to schedule a regular weekly meeting in the weeks leading up to the move. Make sure all family members attend, and give a rundown of where you are in the moving process to keep everyone on the same page. Make sure that if any family members have concerns about the move, they bring them up at this meeting. This way, anyone who has the same or similar concerns will also have them addressed -- and you won't have to answer the same questions fifteen times.

Keep a stash of packing supplies in a central location.

Having each person pack their own things is a good way to streamline the moving process. But with so many people and so many possessions, it's common for things like tape and scissors to go missing. Designate a basket in the corner of the living room or foyer for moving-related items like tape, markers, and labels. Purchase enough for several people to use at once. Ensure everyone knows to return the items to the basket when they're done with them.

Delegate tasks.

In addition to having each family member (with the exception of little children) pack their own things, you can also delegate other moving tasks to specific family members. For instance, you can put one person in charge of wrapping all the dishes and someone else in charge of cleaning behind the furniture. Assign these tasks at your weekly moving meetings.

With the tips above, you'll have an easier time keeping everyone organized and focused during the moving process. Consider a packing service if you need more help.