A Few Tips For Making A Local Move

14 April 2017
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Just because you're moving to a new home in the same town, it doesn't mean moving is any easier than moving to another state. You still have to pack everything up and clean both homes. However, it is convenient to have both homes close to each other because if the timing works out, you can move your things gradually if you have possession of both places for a few weeks. If you're like most people, though, you'll need to hire a local mover and get the job done fast at the end of a lease or when you close on a home. Here are a few tips for making a local move go more smoothly.

Rent Or Borrow A Van To Help

When you move across the country, you have to get rid of your perishable food and houseplants since they can't go on a moving truck, and they wouldn't survive the ride anyway. When you move locally, you can take things you would otherwise have to throw out or give away. You still won't be able to pack them on the moving truck though, so borrowing or renting a van is a big help. You can pack food from your freezer and refrigerator in coolers and transport it in the van. You can also move your plants and pets in the van.

Organize Your Belongings With Stacking Bins

Ideally, you'll have a few months or weeks to pack up your belongings. But, even if you move on the spur of the moment, you can stay organized by putting things in stackable plastic tote bins. These are great for moving because they are sturdy. You don't have to worry about the bins collapsing and spilling your things. Also, the bins have built-in handles, so they are easy to carry. Plus, they have lids that snap on so the tops are flat, which makes them easy to stack. While the movers will do most of the heavy lifting and carrying of your belongings, you'll still have to stack the bins in your house. When they fit on top of each other, they don't take up as much room. You can write the contents on the outside of the bin so it is easy to know where the bins go and what's inside.

Secure Your Mover Early

Unless your move is unexpected, you want to book your mover as far in advance as you can so you lock in the dates. If you live in a college town where lots of people move at the same time and you wait until the last minute, then you may not be able to get a mover on the day you need. If you can't book a mover, you'll have to do all the moving yourself, which you may not even be able to do. Don't risk waiting too long. Plus, when you book your mover in advance, you'll have a better choice of dates so you can avoid weekends and holidays, which might have higher rates.

If you can afford it, the easiest way to move is to let the moving company come in and pack your things and then unpack them in your new place. Your place of employment might reimburse you for moving expenses, and if they do, you should look into taking advantage of the services offered by a moving company. If you do all the packing yourself, then start early. By being organized and starting early, you can avoid a lot of the last-minute stress that causes you to throw things in boxes you have to dig around for later.