From The Heartland To Hungary: How Your International Move Will Proceed

21 April 2017
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When your commanding officer gives you marching papers to the U.S. military station in Budapest, Hungary, you go. That is never a question. However, if you have never shipped out overseas to serve on an international base, you may be at a loss for where to start. It becomes even more complicated if you are shipping out from a post in the middle of the country, miles and miles from the nearest coastline. At this point, you have to hire international movers, because there really is no other option. From the Heartland to Hungary, here is how your international move will proceed.

Day 1 of the Move

Shipping crates that can be moved over land by train or semi and transported inside an ocean freight liner will arrive. These will be parked on your property and the trucks will remove to another location until needed. If you hired movers to help pack, they will show up either with the crates as the drivers or in their own vehicles after the crates have been dropped. (It depends on the company.) Everyone begins to wrap, pack and move boxes and furniture into the shipping crates. This is an all day process, especially if you currently live in a larger home off-base.

Day 2 of the Move

Once it has been verified that all of your belongings are inside the crates, the crates are locked up and secured. Tracking numbers for your crates are established. You should be able to track the progress of your crates over land. (Once the crates have reached the coast, new tracking numbers are generated for the freighter. Your international mover will provide you with the ocean liner's inventory tracking numbers for your crates.) Then the trucks pick up the crates and head out to transport them to the coast. You (and your family, if applicable) board your plane with your luggage.

Day 3 of the Move

You have probably arrived in Budapest by now. If not, you will undoubtedly arrive by tomorrow. Your crates are still in the U.S. heading for the coast. Expect delays for weather.

Day 4 of the Move

You have arrived in Budapest by now. Plan to spend a few days either on base there or in a hotel. Chances are, after you report to your new C.O. there, you will spend time in on-base quarters until your crates arrive.

Days 5-14 of the Move

The trucks will reach the coast on or around days 5–7. Your crates will need to clear customs, and then they will load onto the boat. Depending on the weather on the high seas, you may receive notice that your crates have arrived dockside somewhere between days 12–14. If the weather is particularly rough, it may be a few days to a week longer. Plan ahead just in case. After your stuff clears Hungarian customs, the crates will be transported to your new home and be ready to unpack and unload.

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