How To Pack Artwork For Your Move

7 May 2017
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Packing artwork can be a delicate process, as you won't want to damage your items while preparing them for a move. To pack your artwork and frames successfully, you'll need the right packing materials and a game plan for each item. Here are a few helpful tips you can use as you prepare your artwork for your next move.

Gather Supplies

It's important to have the right packing supplies before you get started. While newspaper may be suitable for other fragile items in your home, it may actually cause damage to some types of artwork. For example, the print on the newspaper can transfer to canvas artwork, leaving it stained. Some packing supplies to have ready might include.

• Masking tape • Flat cardboard sheets • Inflated cushioning wrap • Artwork boxes • Cardboard tubes

Protect Glass From Frames

For any artwork framed with glass, you'll want to begin by placing two strips of masking tape over the glass to form an "X" in the center. This helps to reinforce the glass and prevent breakage. You can then place a flat cardboard sheet over the glass for additional protection. These sheets can be purchased from your packing supply store, or you can simply break down old boxes and cut the cardboard to fit each piece of artwork. Once cardboard is in place, you can wrap the frame in a sheet of inflated cushioning wrap, and secure the wrap with additional pieces of tape.

Roll Up Posters

If you have posters that you want to pack away, they can be rolled up and stored inside of cardboard mailing tubes. Do not use rubber bands on the posters, as they can cause the paper to crinkle or bend. Seal each end with the included fastening, which is typically a plastic cap or fold-down flap, and use tape to secure each end. You can also label the tube with the names of the posters inside for easy reference.

Box Your Artwork

You can purchase boxes created specifically for your artwork from your local movers or packing supply store. These boxes come in various sizes to accommodate standard frame shapes. If you have unusually large pieces of artwork, look for boxes made for flat-screen TVs to accommodate your art. Once each box is assembled, place packing peanuts or paper on the bottom, and slide your artwork inside the box. Place additional packing materials in the box until the artwork is safely secured inside. You can then seal and label the box for moving.

If you aren't comfortable boxing your artwork on your own, you can have your professional moving company provide this service for you. For high-end artwork, consider having your pieces crated for you at a local art gallery.

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