Packing Pool Toys And Accessories For A Move

9 February 2018
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Whether your little ones have a kiddie pool they use in the summer or you need to pack up toys for your in-ground pool, you'll want to take extra care when packing away your swimming pool toys and accessories for a move to a new home. Here are a few things to consider as you begin packing your outdoor items.

Clean And Dry Everything

Depending on which month of the year you move, your swimming accessories may end up packed away in boxes for quite some time. Ensuring every item is completely cleaned and dried will help prevent mold and mildew growth while these items are packed away. Follow the cleaning instructions on the labeling for soft items, and use a hose to spray down kickboards, pool noodles, and other accessories. You can leave items to dry in the sun, but be sure to bring them inside in case it rains before you can pack them away.

Take Care When Packing Chemicals

Pool chemicals used to balance or shock the water in your swimming pool need to be packed with care. Read the labels to make sure you don't pack incompatible items together, as this can cause an adverse chemical reaction. Label the boxes clearly along with a message to handle with care. Check with your local moving company to see if these items can be moved professionally or if you have to move them on your own. Some moving companies may have rules that prohibit employees from handling certain types of chemicals.

Pack Inflatables Securely

If you have inflatable pool toys, you'll want to take extra precautions to prevent them from becoming punctured during the packing and moving process. Deflate each item after it has been cleaned and dried. Fold your inflatables neatly, and place them into heavy-duty plastic bins or bags. Place a piece of cardboard at the top of the box before sealing it. This will provide an added layer of protection against tears and punctures caused by a box opener when you unpack.

Label Items For Storage

If your new home doesn't yet have a pool, you may not want the boxes of pool toys and accessories to take up precious space in your house. Consider renting a storage unit for the pool items and any other boxes that might need to be placed in long-term storage. Be sure to label boxes meant for storage clearly so your movers don't transport them to your new home by accident.