Requesting Residential Moving Quotes: Important Dos And Don'ts

10 June 2018
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If you'll be moving in the near future and want to make the process as easy on yourself as possible, then you'll probably be spending a fair amount of time obtaining quotes from professional movers in your area. As you're requesting estimates, however, there are a few important dos and don'ts worth keeping in mind to make sure you end up with a fair and accurate quote. From there, you can feel more confident in selecting a residential mover.

DO Request an In-Home Estimate

First and foremost, it's always best to get an in-home estimate for your move rather than an over-the-phone or online quote. While many movers will provide you with an initial, rough estimate online for your convenience, a reputable company should come out to your home prior to your moving day for an in-home estimate. This will allow them to actually take inventory of your furniture and belongings to ensure your quote is as accurate as possible.

DON'T Forget About Fuel Surcharges

Some moving companies will charge a flat rate per mile that the movers have to travel, so if this is something your moving company charges, you'll want to make sure the fuel surcharge is included with your quote. Ideally, however, you'll want to find a residential moving company that doesn't charge for fuel or only charges if you're embarking on a long-distance move.

DO Ask About Off-Peak Rates

Most moving companies have different rates on different days of the week or even different times of the year. These rates are based on demand. If you're able to be flexible with your moving dates, then, you might consider asking about a company's off-peak rates. You might be surprised at how much money you can save moving on a weekday versus a weekend, for example.

DON'T Pay More Than a 50% Deposit

Finally, when it comes to placing a deposit on your movers, you should never have to pay more than 50% up-front--and you should certainly not pay-in-full before your moving services are even rendered. Some companies will not even charge you a thing until all your belongings are transported, and your move is complete.

A little bit of foresight and asking the right questions can make all the difference in finding the moving company that's right for you. Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you shop around for residential movers in your area.