3 Things To Expect When Renting A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

22 August 2019
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If you have important or valuable things that you need to store, the easiest option is to rent a self-storage unit. These units come in many sizes, locations, and price ranges, and you can rent one by the month. When you begin looking for the right one to rent, you should consider choosing a climate-controlled unit if the items you will be storing are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Here are three things you should expect when you rent a unit like this:

They will not have to go through extreme temperature changes

The first thing to expect is consistency with the temperature in the unit you rent. Climate-controlled units are not completely cooled or heated, but they do stay at a certain temperature all year round. In the winter, they receive enough heat to keep them above freezing levels. In the summer, they receive enough AC to keep them from getting humid and moist. The consistency in temperature will protect your belongings, and that is why it is worthwhile to choose a unit like this. Certain possessions you own can end up damaged from extreme temperature exposure, including items made of wood.

You will not have to worry about pests and rodents

Anytime you use a storage unit that is not climate-controlled, you take the risk of pests and rodents getting inside. Pests and rodents can find their way in even when a unit is sealed well, and they will do this because the units offer them a place to live where they are undisturbed most of the time. If rodents get in your things, you may see them or you may find nests or poop in your boxes. Rodents can even get inside sealed totes. When rodents infest your belongings, it is not only gross but it can leave you with a lot of damage to your items.

You will pay more

The other thing to expect is that you will pay more for a unit like this, and the reason is because the owner of the building will be paying to heat and cool the unit. Paying more is worthwhile in this situation, as it will offer you a lot more safety for the things that you own.

If you are interested in finding a unit that offers climate control, you should begin searching for units in your area. You may not find this feature with all facilities, but you will with some. Companies like Big 7 Storage can offer more information.