5 Ways To Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

5 May 2021
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When you rent a storage unit, you want to optimize the space you are paying for. You will need to keep the space as organized as possible to get the most out of the space you are renting.

#1: Break Down Big Things 

First, it is important to break down big things that are capable of being disassembled. For example, many dining room tables are capable of being broken down into smaller pieces. If you have an item that can be broken down into smaller parts, you will want to condense the items so it takes less space.

If you can't break down the item, you will want to figure out how to utilize the items. For example, with a dresser, you can use the drawers to store items. Or, with a table, you can place items under the table and on top of the table to utilize the space.

#2: Pack Everything Up

Second, you are going to want to pack everything up. Don't just throw clothing into the storage unit; place the clothing inside of a wardrobe box. Don't just stack up against your DVDs inside the storage unit; put them inside a box. You want to put everything possible inside a box, as boxes are easier to move around and configure.

#3: Use Labels Everywhere 

Third, you are going to want to use labels on everything. You will want to place labels on all your boxes and containers that you put inside your storage unit.

With your labels, get specific. Write down the general category of items at the top of the label, and then list everything inside the box or container. That way, when you are looking for an item, you can easily find that item.

#4: Create a Plan 

Fourth, you are going to want to create a storage plan. You are going to want to map out where you want to put things. That way, when you are standing in front of your storage unit, you have an organized approach for putting things away instead of just shoving everything inside. You will want to put heavy and bulky items on the edges of the storage unit to create a solid base and put lighter-weight items on top of heavy items or more in the center of your storage unit.

#5: Use Storage Tools

Fifth, you can use storage tools in your storage unit. You can put up open-wire shelving units to place boxes on. In many storage units, you can add hooks to the walls to hang things up. Make space work for you.

When you rent a storage unit, break down big items. Pack everything up that you can into boxes to make it easier to arrange items in your storage unit. Use labels on everything, and create a plan on where you want to put items in your storage unit so as you unpack, you can do so in a strategic manner. 

Reach out to a local storage company for more tips.