How to Prepare Before Your Commercial Local Movers Arrive: 4 Ideas to Consider

21 March 2022
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Relocating to a new office usually comes with a lot of excitement. But on the flip side, it involves a lot of work. So, in addition to seeking the assistance of a commercial moving company, adequate preparation is crucial. This guide shares some preparation tips to ensure a stress-free move. 

Find Out If Your Office Furniture Can Fit Through the Door

There's no doubt that your commercial local movers have suitable trucks to move your furniture from your old office to the new one. However, moving the overly large furniture items can be a nightmare if you have a small doorway. In this case, you should inform the commercial movers about the situation beforehand. This will help them gather the necessary dissembling supplies before the move. One way to tell whether or not your items can fit through your door is to measure them against the size of your door.

Label All Your Boxes for Easy Identification 

You should label all your boxes during packing to make work easier when unpacking the stuff in the new commercial building. Besides, it ensures that the commercial local movers handle fragile office items with great caution. This, in turn, minimizes damages during transit.

Speak to Your Commercial Local Movers Before Their Arrival

You should keep the communication lines between you and the moving company open before the moving day. For instance, you need to give them your current address and other relevant details in advance. Also, remember that having a proper mode of transportation is essential. For this reason, it is important to inform your moving company about the size of your office ahead of time. Then, they'll find you a suitable truck based on the size of your office and the items being moved. 

Know the Items to Pack and Not to Pack

Some commercial local movers have a list of items they cannot transport. So, before moving, speak to them and request this list. Due to safety concerns, professional movers won't transport items like flammable substances and aerosol cans. If it is necessary to carry these items, you'll have to hire specialized service providers to pack and transport them. The other items you may need to carry in your car include valuables such as jewelry, safes, and private documents.

Working with commercial local movers ensures that your items are safe and secure during your move. While the movers make relocation easier, this guide has shared different things you can do to enhance the process. Planning makes relocation seamless, less costly, and swift.