The Dos And Don'ts Of Moving Books Into A Storage Facility

19 August 2022
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What is the best way to pack books for a move into a self-storage facility? Before you stash stacks of books in the biggest boxes you can find, take a look at the dos and don'ts of packing paperbacks, hardbacks, and more.

Do Choose Smaller Containers Over Larger Options

It's tempting to buy the biggest box you can find and fill it to the brim with books. But this packing strategy won't necessarily help you to save time, space, or even money. An oversized container can fit most of your book collection. While the dimensions match your needs, you need to think about more than just space.

Most moving or packing containers aren't strong enough to hold dozens of books—especially hardback books or textbooks. Instead of over-stuffing a large container, choose smaller-sized options. This reduces the weight, decreasing the chances of a mid-move book box break. It can also help the movers easily carry the haul from your house to the truck and into your new home.

Don't Only Pack Books In the Container

What should you do if every moving box and bin you own is oversized or larger than necessary? You won't need to throw away the containers or even buy more. 

There's no packing rule that states every mover needs to place the same or similar items into one box or bin. Add a few books to your larger container and pack the rest with lighter items, such as bedding or towels. 

Do Use Sturdy Plastic Containers

Cardboard boxes are an inexpensive (or free) packing option. If you're on a tight moving and storage budget, you may need to choose this option to save on the overall costs of packing. But if your budget includes packing materials, add a few small, sturdy plastic bins to your list.

Unlike foldable boxes, bins have a flat bottom surface that won't require tape. The sturdy plastic material isn't as likely to break as cardboard, making it possible to hold heavier books without a significant breakage or damage risk. 

Don't Dismantle Your Existing Organization System

Do you already have a library-like organizational approach to book storage at home? There's no reason to completely dismantle this system for your move. Before you break down your books into new categories or randomly toss your favorite titles into separate bins, think about how you can translate the existing system into a packing strategy.

If you shelve your books by the author's last name, break them down into alphabetical bins. If your system includes categories (such as biographies, science fiction, or education/textbooks), choose separate containers for each grouping. With a little creative thought, it's possible to move your books in a way that mirrors almost any type of existing library-like storage. 

For more information about putting your stuff into a storage facility, contact a local business.