3 Reasons To Have A Pre-Move Survey Home Visit

16 March 2023
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Some homeowners work out how much stuff they have to move for themselves. They then talk to moving companies and plan their move.

However, this DIY approach doesn't always work well. You should consider asking your moving company to do a home survey before you book your move. Why is this a good idea?

1. Get an Accurate Moving Volume

The volume of the contents of your home affects your moving costs. It dictates the size or number of trucks you need on the day.

While a self-estimate can work, you don't have moving expertise, so your assessment might not be accurate. You might overestimate how much truck space you need. You'll pay more for a larger truck or multiple vehicles that you don't actually need.

Or, you might end up with a truck that is too small to carry all your belongings. If you forget to factor in things you have stored in sheds, garages, attics, or basements, then your final load will be bigger than your original estimate.

If you have a home survey, then you get an accurate estimate. The company will check all areas of your home and assess your precise volume load. They can then recommend the most efficient and cost-effective moving package.

2. Avoid Problems on Your Moving Day

Even the best-planned move can run into problems on the day. You're more likely to have problems if your moving service hasn't been involved until this point.

For example, your move won't go to schedule if your moving company arrives to find that they can't get their trucks on your property. They'll have to carry items further, and your move will take longer.

If you have an in-person survey, then the company can look for potential problems. For example, if they can see that you have access problems, then they can use smaller trucks or schedule a longer move with a bigger crew. They can also identify items that might need special packing or transit care such as pianos, antiques, and artwork.

3. Reduce Unnecessary and Unexpected Costs

You don't want to spend more on a move than you need to. If you don't plan a move well, then your costs might increase.

For example, you might buy more packing materials than you need. Or, you might have to pay more if your move is delayed because your company has to work around access problems or repack fragile items to make them more secure.

The person who surveys your home helps you work out how much packing to buy. Their survey tells them everything they need to know to create a cost-effective and accurate quotation.

To get started, contact residential moving services to discuss your move.